The gates will open at 4:30pm on Friday; 9:00am on Saturday & Sunday. Friday is an evening show featuring aircraft displays, aircraft performances and ending in a fireworks display. The performance schedules will not be announced as the times are subject to change. There are several factors that affect the schedule such as weather, aircraft concerns, and other circumstances beyond control of the Florida International Air Show. Scheduled Performers: U.S. Army Golden Knights Parachute Competition Team , Class of 45: (Scott Yoak’s P-51 “Quicksilver” & Jim Tobul’s Corsair F4U “Korean War Hero”),  McCart Jet Motorsports “Homewrecker” Ford F460 jet truck , Redline Airshows Aerobatic Team, Don Stamp’s Warbird Review, Wayne Boggs (Air Boss) Rob Reider (Announcer).