Fly Into Summer will be a day long summer festival on June 10th from 10:00 AM-3:00 PM, centered around aviation for a target age range of five to twelve year olds. It will kick off the summer for these kids and allow them to peek inside the industry of aviation while engaging them in fun summer activities. Activities include a tropical bounce house, Bahamas photo booth, coloring and paper airplane crafts, Pin the Propeller, and sidewalk chalk art. We will also have an opportunity to meet the sister of Disney’s Moana, Millana for pictures for a two hour time frame to further enhance the tropical theme of this year’s Fly Into Summer. Also available will be lunch at a maximum cost of five dollars to keep it affordable and easy for the parents. A Gelati Joe’s Italian ice cart will also be there for the kids to cool off after lunch. We will be giving out gift bags filled with a build-your-own glider, flower lei’s, bubbles, and juice boxes labeled “Jet Fuel” to stay hydrated.

With this event, we hope to target young children approaching the age for the Central Florida Aerospace Academy and ACE’s summer camps so that they can get a taste of aviation and see if it is a possible interest for them. We also want to be able to talk to the parents of these children and inform them of the many opportunities the Aerospace Center for Excellence has to offer applicable to their child’s age and future plans. We are looking to uphold the mission of SUN ‘n FUN in preserving and enhancing the future of flight by inspiring these young men and women.