V1 Aeronautical Changes

We just wanted to keep you informed about a couple big changes we're making over this way:

1. We've added a 2017 Normally Aspirated SR-22 G6 to the fleet! This is most exciting news I'm happy to share. The airplane is awesome. It will be based at Sheltair at PIE (Signature did not have hangar space for it.) And it will be available starting February 26. We'll just require a quick check out (and maybe a sim session if you're unfamiliar with the Garmin Perspective+) for anyone interested in renting

2. N834SR and N44YP are no longer in the fleet. 

3. N952RT will still be available for rental and instruction but we're putting in down the entire month of March for a much-needed paint job. It will look great once it's finished!

4. We're adding N315AR, a 2006 SR20 to the fleet on March 16. The setup will be identical to N952RT so it will be easier for primary students to jump from the SR20 to SR22 without having to relearn or reacquaint themselves with new avionics platforms. It can also be used as a backup for renters if 952RT is unavailable.

5. Starting March 1, we're going to a dry rental rate. This means we will only charge you for the time on the airplane (and instructional rates, if applicable). You will pay the appropriate FBO (either Signature Flight Support or Sheltair - PIE) by putting your card on file. The airplane will always be filled to tabs. So when you take the plane, fly it, and return it, the airplane will be refilled to tabs and your card will be charged appropriately. I've attached a revised rental agreement and CC authorization form that will need to be filled out before any of the planes are rented. No rush on the forms, just please be prepared to have them filled out before the next time you plan to fly!

We're very excited for this next chapter and hope to keep continuously improving to make your rental and flight training experiences more enjoyable!



A Look Into CX2017

We had a wonderful week with the Cirrus Family of Training Centers, Service Centers, Sales, and Factory Employees. Lots of knowledge was shared and good times had! (See proof below). We're ecstatic for the next chapter with Cirrus Aircraft, including the release of the Vision Jet and the SR G6 Series. Stay tuned for some exciting news at V1 Aeronautical to be released next month!


New Release: Cirrus Aircraft Unveils the All-New 2017 G6


New Release: Cirrus Aircraft Unveils the All-New 2017 G6

Yesterday Cirrus announced the launch of the new 2017 SR Series: G6 - the smartest, safest and most advanced models ever of the best-selling SR22T, SR22 and SR20 piston airplanes. Major advancements include: Cirrus Perspective+ by Garmin Flight Deck featuring QWERTY interface, automotive-inspired Cirrus Spectra™ wingtip lighting, and premium cockpit connectivity solutions. The have also increased the useful load on the SR20 Series up to another 150 pounds allowing for longer missions and more favorable weight and balance numbers. V1 Aeronautical will be participating the Cirrus Partner Symposium in Knoxville, Tennessee next week. We're looking forward to reporting back you about all the new features and plans in store for our brand and for Cirrus Aircraft. In addition, stay tuned for some very exciting local news we'll be announcing! Fly Safe Friends.



Air Travel Tips

With the holiday season fast approaching we thought we would share some tips and tricks we've adapted to make your air travel experience as enjoyable as possible. 

1. Utilize the airport lounge - free wifi, drinks, snacks, lounge areas and even movie theaters! Most lounges charge a one-time entrance fee, but certain credit cards will grant you access. If you use the same airline all the time, check the airlines website for the perks and more info. Here are a couple that will guarantee to make your layover much more enjoyable:

2. Precheck/Global Access - Skip the majority of the security line, leave your shoes on and keep your laptop and liquids in your bag. I signed up while waiting to board my plane in Atlanta Hartsfield and stopped by the TSA office at Tampa International when I landed. The entire process took all of 20 mins, costs $85 for 5 years and saves TONS of hassle! Trust me and sign up below for domestic and international travel:

3.  Get Some Exercise - When you sit for a long time, whether on long car trips or airline flights, your risk of developing a blood clot increases. According to the American Council on Exercise, deep vein thrombosis typically originates in the legs. The website adds that DVT is sometimes called "economy class syndrome," because cramped airline seats offer little room to stretch. Simple exercises, done each hour during a plane flight, help to keep your blood flowing and reduce your risk of developing clots.

Visit these websites for information on different exercises you can partake in while traveling:

4. Start Early - Get to your gateway city as early as you can Since delays stack up as the day progresses, it’s smart to book the first flight you can into a hub if you have a connecting flight.

5. Drink Up - Water, that is. "Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate," says Jerry Bishop, a commercial pilot who's flown mostly trans-Atlantic routes for the past 18 years. "It's really just common sense, but you don't realize how much flying takes out of you. Try to drink a quart of water for every four hours you're in the air. I always travel with my own refillable water bottle from home (most airports restaurants will fill them for you) to hold me over until beverage service.

6. Block it Out - When it's time to get some shut-eye, two of the best things you can carry are some earplugs and an eye mask. Invest in a pair of high-end, noise-canceling headphones. The good ones also help drown out cabin and engine noise. And an eye-mask will keep your neighbor's reading light from keeping you awake. Chose a pair that has eyecups, rather than a flat mask, because they're both more comfortable and for mascara-wearers, they prevent makeup from smearing.

7. Beat Jet Lag - The trick is to get on the right schedule while in transit. Sign up for a personalized plan with the website which will give you an hour-by-hour schedule for meals, rest time, and even sunlight exposure, based on your travel itinerary.

8.  Don't lose your luggage

Spy on Your Suitcase: Plant it with the palm-size Trakdot ($50, plus $13 annual fee). The small box automatically transmits its location using a GSM chip, allowing you to follow your bag’s route via SMS, e-mail, or the Trakdot app and website.

Pick the Right Carriers: The airline with the best record for luggage handling over the past two years? Virgin America, which averages just 0.88 mishandled bags per 1,000 passengers, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. Following close behind: JetBlue (1.88) and AirTran (2.02). American Eagle, on the other hand, averaged 6 incidents per 1,000 passengers.

Ship Your Bags: Consider sending your bags straight to the hotel (or golf course, or cruise ship) through a service such as Luggage Forward or Luggage FreeOvernight delivery of a 25-pound bag from New York to L.A. will run about $150—more than your airline charges, but considerably less than UPS.

9. Find a Better Sandwich - The GateGuru app has detailed terminal maps and restaurant reviews for more than 100 airports around the world.

10. Exercise Patience - We’re all anxious to get to our destination. After long lines and even longer flights, it’s understandable that everyone’s patience is running low. But attempt to hold on to your patience and trust the system. If everyone goes with the flow, things will go much quicker. Prime example: getting off the plane. Don’t rush to go before the aisle ahead of you. This will only slow things down. Same goes for the baggage claim area. Stand back until you see your bag. Standing close and blocking the area for others will only create chaos.

 Happy Thanksgiving and Safe Travels!

V1 Aeronautical




Cirrus Vision Jet Officially FAA Certified

The SF50 has been a long time coming.  Almost ten years after announcing the initial prototype at a COPA Migration event, the company used the NBAA Business Aviation Convention in Orlando to unveil the exciting news this past week. No doubt this airplane will turn heads. With a 300+ knot cruise speed, lightweight carbon fiber airframe, Garmin integrated touch-screen flight deck, and of course, the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System, the aircraft leaves little room for improvement. With a purchase price of approximately 2 million dollars and 600 reservations on order, it's apparent the general aviation community is ready to take this next step in private air travel with Cirrus Aircraft. 

"The impact of the Vision Jet on personal and regional transportation is going to be even more profound. Never before has a turbine aircraft solution come along that rewrites the rules in so many ways - iconic design, ease of operation, smart economics, simplified ownership and more." - Dale Klapmeier, Cirrus Aircraft co-founder, CEO and U.S. National Aviation Hall of Fame member

At V1 Aeronautical we're happy to stand behind such an innovative brand and we can't wait to see what the folks in Duluth (and Knoxville) have to offer next!  

For more information, you can find the link to the official press release on our facebook page.

Cirrus Vision Jet Duluth SF50 SR22

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Cirrus Aircraft Customer Experience 'Vision Center' will expand to Knoxville, TN

During a special ceremony on May 6, 2015, at McGhee Tyson Airport in Knoxville, Tennessee, Cirrus Aircraft Co-Founder and CEO Dale Klapmeier joined Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam and announced the expansion of Cirrus Aircraft to Knoxville with the new Vision Center. This Cirrus Customer Experience Center will be the central location for all Cirrus Aircraft pilot, owner and customer activities. This will also include sales, delivery, training, maintenance, support, personalization, fixed base operations and more for all Cirrus airplanes concentrating around the new Vision SF50 single-engine personal jet.

The Vision Center will be the location for factory direct type rating training from Cirrus Aircraft. A key component of the SF50 training curriculum at the Vision Center is a Level D, full-motion flight simulator currently under development at CAE. This full flight simulator will be the cornerstone in Vision SF50 type rating training and annual recurrent training. In addition to factory direct training, the Vision Center will provide support for the new Vision SF50 and more than 6,000 SR aircraft. A design center will allow customers to personalize new and current aircraft. Research and development (R&D) as well as manufacturing operations for Cirrus Aircraft will remain in Duluth, Minnesota. All aircraft will continue to be produced at company facilities in Grand Forks, North Dakota and Duluth.

The selection of Knoxville for the home of the Vision Center was the result of a thorough site evaluation process that included more than 15 states and 30 airport locations. McGhee Tyson Airport rose to the top and became Cirrus’ choice with the combination of a convenient location to the connected Cirrus owner base in North America, unique airport and area amenities, favorable weather and, most importantly, a welcoming community for Cirrus Aircraft employees and their families. Todd Simmons, Cirrus Aircraft Chief Customer Officer, will lead the Cirrus Aircraft Team at the new home for all Cirrus Aircraft customer activities and operations.

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We are excited to announce our new title as the only Cirrus Certified Training Center in the Tampa/Orlando market! Our factory trained instructors and technologically advanced aircraft fleet allow us accommodate those who are interested in taking their flying to the next level. We look forward to growing this partnership with Cirrus Aircraft and welcome you to explore these opportunities with us!



Cirrus 2nd Vision Jet Completes 1st Test Flight

The Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet is the ultimate personal transportation vehicle and the first in it's class. It aims to offer the comfort and safety of the single engine SR-22, but in a package unlike any other. It has a maximum cruising speed of 300 KTAS, capacity for seven passengers, advanced Garmin Avionics Suite and the standard Cirrus Aircraft Parachute System. The second Vision Jet successfully completed it's first test flight on November 25.

This airplane is really turning heads. I was lucky enough to see the first one up close and personal during my visit to the factory for the partner symposium in September. I'll keep you all updated as the progress continues.



V1 Aeronautical Adds SR-22 to Training and Rental Fleet

We would like to introduce you to the newest aircraft added to the V1 Aeronautical family. N834SR is a normally-aspirated SR-22 featuring the Avidyne Entegra PFD/MFD system with upgraded DFC90 autopilot. It is also equipped with factory air-conditioning, TKS Ice Protection, and the Standard Cirrus Aircraft Parachute System. We're excited to add this impeccably-maintained aircraft to our rental and flight training fleet. Call or email today with your questions or comments!


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