The SF50 has been a long time coming.  Almost ten years after announcing the initial prototype at a COPA Migration event, the company used the NBAA Business Aviation Convention in Orlando to unveil the exciting news this past week. No doubt this airplane will turn heads. With a 300+ knot cruise speed, lightweight carbon fiber airframe, Garmin integrated touch-screen flight deck, and of course, the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System, the aircraft leaves little room for improvement. With a purchase price of approximately 2 million dollars and 600 reservations on order, it's apparent the general aviation community is ready to take this next step in private air travel with Cirrus Aircraft. 

"The impact of the Vision Jet on personal and regional transportation is going to be even more profound. Never before has a turbine aircraft solution come along that rewrites the rules in so many ways - iconic design, ease of operation, smart economics, simplified ownership and more." - Dale Klapmeier, Cirrus Aircraft co-founder, CEO and U.S. National Aviation Hall of Fame member

At V1 Aeronautical we're happy to stand behind such an innovative brand and we can't wait to see what the folks in Duluth (and Knoxville) have to offer next!  

For more information, you can find the link to the official press release on our facebook page.

Cirrus Vision Jet Duluth SF50 SR22

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